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New Bike purchase

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So I purchased the new Bike+ and I was told we could use the app and exercises before it arrived. I was told I could use multiple accounts/profiles with the app. I have been able to login with my user/pass and access the app however, I don’t see a way to add a user name for my wife? I read somewhere I needed to create an account and link it but, when I go create the account it asks to start a 30 day trial and input some credit card information. I was under the impression we can use multiple accounts/profile with both the bike and the app exercises. Please advise.

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Back when the app was ~$19/month it allowed you to use multiple users ( unlimited I believe). When they reduced the price to $12.99/month it became limited to one user at a time. From what I've heard, they give this out as a complimentary thing while you're waiting for your bike and it only works with one profile. Once you get your bike and are paying $39/month you'll then be able to add multiple profiles for everyone in your household.
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