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New bike+ with loud click at crank area

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I have a new bike+ and this noise just started. Any ideas?
Click here for video
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Hard to tell without actually being in front of the bike, but 1) it should definitely not be making that sound, and 2) its possible your crank bolt is not fully tightened when the bike was assembled. If the noise seems to be coming from the crank and not the flywheel, which I would imagine from the videos, get yourself a torque wrench and first loosen the crank bolt, and then tighten it up again and see if that rids you of the noise. But if the noise is coming from somewhere else, the other thing I would check is if your belt is misaligned and if that's what's causing the consistent rhythmic noise. Do be advised... doing these checks could void the warranty, so if you're not comfortable risking that, call Peloton to send a service tech.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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