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Newer Peloton Ad

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Wanted to start getting some video coverage of the Peloton up on the site and this is one of their latest ads for the bike. Can see the high end clientele that this spin cycle is trying to cater to.
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I think the bike is a great platform that the company can continue to build upon. Would love for them to diversify their product portfolio and bring this level of craftsmanship to the masses. Why is everyone in this ad already in shape? lol
The biggest problem I have with being shown videos like this from the company that makes them is the entire video is a sales pitch. Compare it to what a consumer like yourself would produce and the differences are day and night. Wouldn't you rather learn from someone you can relate to?
Surprised they didnt mention anything related to the music on the platform. I know they have spent a fortune on licensing and they have classes that are completely built around different genres.
I like that they let it out, ultimately it just complements the experience.
Here they need to sell people to get the equipment.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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