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Nike Superrep cycling shoes

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Anyone get a pair of these yet? I like Nike and think they look pretty cool. I had a pair in my cart on last week but then went to sign up for a nike account to save 15% and by the time I submitted my order they were out of stock. Guess I'll need to wait a bit:)
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I have a couple friends who recently got them and they love them. Apparently they are very light and breathable.
Ordered a pair for my wife and she really likes them. Very light and comfortable. They are fairly wide. We also ordered 1 size up as they run very small which was a good call.
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Cool color. Straight orange?
They're actually a bit pinkish. I liked the color for myself whenI saw them online but in person they are a bit more feminine. My wife likes the color.
I ended up getting a pair of these. They are light, breathable and comfortable. Definitely different than standard cycling shoes - pretty flexible sole. Because of the sole, I believe my output is a bit lower than in other shoes but I don't mind because of the comfort.
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