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I had this issue on and off for over a year. Would have to take the plug out and put it back in to get it to work. It finally gave out last week and the entire jack into which the plug sits just dislodged when I was plugging it back in. Now that my bike is over a year old they won't fix it. Since I have to buy a new screen at $400 I decided to take the back off and see if I could put the jack back in place. Turns out the jack into which the cadence/resistance cord plugs is soldered onto the video board and must have been loose and finally gave way. The jack was soldered in 4 points with two tiny plastic pins. When I took of the back the jack was dislodged from it's solders and the pins had broken. The solders and pins are tiny, especially when compared to the cable which appears too stiff and I can see why the whole thing got loose and snapped off. I would have Peloton check that out or replace the video screen or board before the jack dislodges. Your experience sounds exactly like mine. Now trying to see if they can sell me just the video board. Seems crazy to have to replace the whole screen and spend $400. View attachment 80

Was this resolved? I just accidentally ripped the cable that goes from the cadence sensor into the board and I don't know the order in which each cable goes inside the jack.

Do you happen to remember? I might also need the clip that goes in it as I'm afraid it might has broken and I can't find one nor I know what to look for....
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