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Does anyone understand the cadence cables and the issue with it not reporting? I have the problem now and have read the plethora of suggested responses where it seems 'switch it off and on again' is the most likely action. But it doesn't work. I've taken the front of the bike apart and can see the red light on the flywheel working, so the issue is either it is reading the cadence, a break in the cable, or the connection plugs on the bottom of the monitor. Mechanically wiggling it all has worked before by chance, but not now. Replacing the screen for a possible failing 3.5mm jack connection is crazy, and £600 for an entire monitor for what is a cheap part to supply and fit, I'd have thought.

So my question is, does anyone here have more profound insights into this problem and how to resolve it? Any Peleton service engineers, maybe? Any thoughts are appreciated. How do I get this fixed out of warranty?
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