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I want to know the number of rides I have taken. Is there a way to find that out? Customer service does not know.
A member can wipe their profile from the bike with a factory wipe, but if you know what their leaderboard name is, you can look that up in the app. However, they CAN delete rides in the app, but I don't think they can delete cycling milestones. Such as 20 rides, 50 Rides, 100 Rides etc. The other thing is they could have multiple profiles and you would need to know all of the profiles and add them up.... so the answer is no, there is no real easy way to know how many rides a bike has been used.

With that said, # of rides is irrelevant. There is no real wear and tear other than paint on the pedals and maybe flywheel bearings which do often need replacement over time ($30 and 20 minutes to install).

Again, no real, bulletproof way to get exact number of rides.

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