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NY Times article on Peloton's delivery issues

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This has been an ongoing problem that hasn't gone away. They have such a great product I hope they are able to resolve this and catch up with demand as well as doing a much better job on setting and meeting customer expectations.

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I always recommend Peloton bikes but I have to warn people about the delivery process - it really seems to be an Achilles heel for them.
Article mentions their CS team finger pointing at XPO on deliveries which I have experienced. While I did not experience push backs on the delivery timeframes when my initial bikes were ordered for two residences at different times last year, I definitely found there is a lot of blame both ways between the two companies on failed (didn't resolve technical issue) or waived off (no show) service and repair calls. They rely on XPO truck drivers to assemble and repair products in the field that these people tell me they are not properly trained to do or given proper tools and parts to complete when the Peloton tech service people misdiagnose the issue. The Peloton tech service people say the XPO guys didn't know what they were saying. With Covid and this back and forth finger pointing delays it took 3 failed service calls from April to September to actually in the end get a replacement bike delivered in November as they couldn't repair the actual issue I was having trouble with originally. Now I find that replacement bike isn't even close to the calibration of my primary bike at my main residence, which has been great itself with no problems. Kudos to them for the growth and success, and when their product is working well it's fabulous, its just frustrating that their delivery, technical service and product consistency is not keeping up and blaming your delivery/service partner is not a proactive process. Hope they can get a handle on it, as a business owner of a fortunately growing business during Covid myself I certainly empathize with these challenges and am rooting for their success.
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Yes, I agree and I'm rooting for them as well. If Peloton has chosen to contract to XPO they should also take responsibility for their performance vs. pointing fingers.

They have such high demand, in addition to ramping supply they need to focus on setting proper delivery expectations and exceeding on them, communicating better with customers about delivery dates and then doing a good job servicing bikes and treads when necessary.
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Peloton CEO sent out a mass e-mail to members today, acknowledging their delivery problems and how they're trying to improve logistics; for what it's worth.
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