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Re: Screen Freezing
Spent several days & many hours on the phone with customer service & technical personnel trying to resolve an issue with the above class. We rebooted,wiped out & restarted countless times. E- mails were going back & forth. The last e- mail was something to the affect “ keep calling us every time it occurs”.After many session of frustration & the last. E-mail response I decided to make one more call. The agent went over my call history & commented, why haven’t they replaced the bike & monitor. She did just that, replaced the bike & monitor. After the new bike was delivered I waited a few days, then I tried the Oregon Painted Hills 10km…Guess what it “The screen Froze” after a few seconds into the ride. I gave up !!! Then the past Tuesday/Wednesday ( May 24/25) I downloaded & Installed an update. Give a guess….NO the program worked , BUT NOT COMPLETELY !!! The Screen Froze after 33:02 minutes or 9.08 km of a 10km Class
IT, resolved 99% of the issue, How About Going Back & Fixing The Other 1%
Looking Forward too a COMPLETE CLASS !!!
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