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I just ordered my bike, and as it will not arrive until August I decided to use the APP for some power walks. I am using the Peloton app on my iPhone and I have an Apple Watch to measure my heart rate. The number of calories that I am getting seem way way way high.

These are my numbers
  • 45 min Power Walk
  • Distance 2.9 mi
  • Elevation 90 ft
  • Calories 1,133 kcal
  • Avg Pace 15:30 min/mi
  • Avg Speed 3.9 mph

I am a 6'3", 215 lbs, 43 y/o male.

My heart rate avg was 150 bpm. And these were the zones:


Do you think that there is some type of configuration that is wrong between the watch and the App? Today I did the same route, 45 min power walk but with a different instructor. My Calorie # was close to 900. It just seems off.

Any ideas?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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