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Peloton & Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor integration, don't leave out everyone who aren't purchasing a Bike+ !!!!!

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I'm personally frustrated with the fact that the Apple Watch doesn't integrate the HRM with Peloton, especially when there are apps that supposedly do this. BlueHeart for example is supposed to allow this integration via your iPhone, but its never worked for me - does work for some though.
Now that the Bike+ has been released I'm even more frustrated with Peloton since I've only had my bike for a few months and would have purchased the new one and not the previous one, without question. Bike+ does have some sort of integration with Apple Watch, but with apps like BlueHeart I fail to see why Peloton has not built this into their app for all those people who have supported (and love) them pre-Bike+ . I will not be spending more money despite any discounts offered, to upgrade to the Bike+. It was serious dent in my wallet just to buy one in the first place.
I'm an Apple freak and feel like Peloton isn't focussing enough time on integrating these devices when I'm sure there is a huge demand for it.
Peloton, get on it, update your app to integrate a HRM with Apple Watch and don't forget about your subscriber base who has made you so successful!! Peloton need to upgrade their app to do this so that we don't have to use third parties.
I'd love to know other ways to integrate the HRM on Apple Watch with the Peloton Bike. Since BlueHeart has proven it can work, others must have developed something as well.
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Hey Stevie! I use the FITIV app with the HRM I used to use at Orange Theory. The app syncs with Apple IOS Activity app. Totally works great!
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Hi! Thanks for that. I did look into that, but couldn't see how the app will transfer heart rate activity to the Peloton bike. I have sent a question into them.
More information on BlueHeart app: Demo & Guide: BlueHeart - Broadcast heart rate (HR) from Apple Watch to Peloton Bike or Tread via Bluetooth BLE - Peloton Buddy
Regardless Peloton need to develop their app to accommodate this. I'd like Peloton to respond to this and explain why this hasn't happened and when this will be available for everyone.
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