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So I recently purchased a used bike. The guy told me it had never been used, was sitting in a warehouse for an extended period of time, and just had to be moved. As it turns out, this bike is one of the original ones produced by Peloton for commercial purposes (i.e. gyms, hotels, apartments). Everything about it works and it’s a great bike. The only trouble I’m having is where to plug the touchscreen cables into. I’ve gone back and forth with customer support who passed me off to the commercial bike team but they pretty much told me they couldn’t help much given the age of the model. I’m not sure if anyone here has experience with the commercial model or has a suggestion on how to get the touchscreen connected. It almost looks to me like there isn’t a sensor included in around the spinner. Happy to PM pictures of what it looks like around the spinner and frame if someone has thoughts. I appreciate the help!

Here’s an IMGUR link for the photos which I also uploaded to Reddit hoping for answers on:

Commercial Peloton Picture
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