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Peloton Hotel Locations

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Finally more ways to get our workouts in. This time at hotels.
It sure beats having to find a hotel close to a studio!

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This has me wondering if AirBnB hosts will be including Peloton bikes. Client turn over and pricing structure is enough to have a similar win-win effect here as it is for Hotels.
Peloton is carving out a new trend in fitness that's only starting now. In the coming years I expect it to grow a lot. The social aspect being a big motivator, all at a cost that can pay off.
Makes sense with the sheer volume of people get and how fast Pelotons can pay for themselves.
I find it interesting Peloton didn't want commissions from bookings that have their product advertised. In a way its an incentive to have the bike and makes people more likely to book.
Smart move I guess.
Who knows what the hotels profit margins were like for Peloton. It might have been a bad move for the Hotel, tapping into their bottom line.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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