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Peloton investor and analyst session tomorrow at the same time as Apple event- coincidence?

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Peloton announced a session tomorrow at 1PM which is exactly the same time as the Apple event. Coincidence?
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The Apple event theme is "Time Flies" so I expect it will be about a new watch. Rumors are that there may also be a new ipad or two. It's possible they could be doing something related to fitness which would be interesting. Peloton CEO John Foley is a big Apple fan and has called Peloton the Apple of the fitness industry.
If it's not related to the Apple announcement I wonder why they wouldn't have announced it with the big news last week or on the earnings call?
Didn't seem to be much related to Peloton in the Apple event. In fact, the Fitness+ service they announced will compete with Peloton - especially Peloton Digital. Will be interesting to see if Apple gets into making bikes, treads, rowers, etc.
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