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peloton Plus bike question and concern

I recently purchased a bike plus used second hand. When I got it home and plugged it in, everything came on and after a few minutes everything shut off. After checking all the connectors, I saw a three-wire pin connector that the wires came pulled from the pin connector. They are red, black and white in. The wire goes from the device that blinks red to a little piece of metal on the flywheel. I was able to disconnect the pin connector but I don't know what order the wires should be in to put back together. I contacted peloton but didn't get anywhere. Can anybody help with this?

Also, does that device that blinks red always blink red even when the bike is not in-use?

Last, for the power issued shutting off after a few minutes, I noticed if I left it unplugged for a while then turned it plugged back in it would turn back on.I'm assuming that the power supply is bad, is this correct?

Please help, I'm concerned I might be out a lot of money and my wife will be extremely pissed.
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