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Peloton power zone inaccuracy.

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Hi guys,

So, i started using the Peloton throughout winter last year as I couldn’t get out on the road bike when its snowy, icy etc.

Anyway, it has been great for keeping the legs turning when im unable to get outside. BUT!
I ran into a bit of a game changer when I took an FTP test about 6 months ago and one recently on the Peloton.
Ive no doubt become a lot stronger since but my FTP stayed the same.
So, I have been following a training program as I now own a set of Favero Assioma power meter pedals as I train to power with my Garmin head unit so I thought I’d fit the Faveros to the Peloton crank arms and see what happens. Anyway, to my shock at the higher end of the zones the Peloton was reading 40 watts LOWER than I was putting out on my Garmin! Crazy. It seemed to settle a bit in zone 1-2 but any higher the difference is massive.
Anyone else come across this??
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