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Peloton resistance to watts

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I am using the app but have a stages sc3 bike. Is there any way to map resistance to watts? I love the classes and am improvising. I’m an experienced rider but can’t fide any info.
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I've used that bike at the gym but I don't remember the interface too well. It is a nice ride.

Does this article help? Watts to KJ Conversion Chart for Peloton
Thanks, a bit. It’s more when resistance is called out and the bike has watts.
I've used a stages bike and watts there is a combination of RPM/cadence and resistance. Thus, I think it's equivalent to "output" on a Peloton not resistance. I think it may be possible to figure out what watts needs to be at a certain RPM and adjust the resistance to hit that watt number. It may be a bit complicated as you'd need to know what Watts would be at different RPMs so you may have a table to refer to although maybe you'd memorize it over time. Below is an output table for Peloton from here. Also 1 Watt hour (Wh) is equal to 3.6 kilojoules (kJ).

I'm not sure if that helped but please let us know as I'm sure others have the same question!





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