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Just had my first totally horrible Peloton delivery experience. I had ordered the Peloton Row and scheduled it to be delivered today on 12/23 as a Christmas gift. The emails said the delivery window would be between 1p-4p and that they would call me 30-min before the delivery. They called at 11:30-ish and gave me a 5-min warning before they were arriving (left a voicemail, I didn't see the call). I ended up calling them back at around 11:55-ish and they said they came by and left and were too far away to come back. Luckily, I have security cameras to verify that this actually wasn't entirely the case:

Here's a timeline:
  • Automated Voicemail from RXO, the delivery company at 10:31a
    • Delivery window is scheduled for today between 1 p.m. and 4.p.m.. We’ll also contact you about 30-min before we arrive.
  • Missed phone call from delivery driver ar 11:27am, but leave voicemail they will be at my house in 5-10 minutes.
  • Video camera footage
    • Delivery truck seen stopping in front of the house at 11:33:24 am
      • No one exists the delivery truck or walks up to the front door
      • Delivery truck makes u-turn in front of the house and drives away at 11:34:17 am
      • No phone calls from delivery driver or the company (or anyone for that matter) after 11:27am
  • I first call back delivery driver at 11:48am, no answer.
  • I then called back at 11:51, and speak to driver. Was told he has other deliveries and I would need to reschedule
  • Called Delivery company (RXO) at 11:57am and told it would take 24-48 hours (1-2 days) before they received the equipment to be able to reschedule the delivery. They said the system now shows it’s categorized as to be returned to the warehouse and they can no longer deliver it today and cannot reschedule it until it is checked into the warehouse.
  • Called Peloton at 12:08p to find out options since RXP doesn’t seem helpful. They transfer me to the Delivery Experience department, but they hang up on my while on hold.
  • Called Peoloton back at 12:09p, re-explained the situation. Told to hold while they figure things out for 30-min. The Peloton support person said they won’t be able to deliver it and I’m at the mercy of the delivery service and it’s not going to be delivered now until they reschedule.
For some additional context, from the time of the u-turn away from my house and my first call, that's 14-min, so I don't know how far away is too far after 14-min on suburban streets. At any rate, it seems like the responses from the delivery company were disingenuous and I'm not likely to get this in 2022 (but who knows). I'll figure out later if we reschedule or just cancel the order.

To be fair, all of my previous experiences with Peloton have been really good and well coordinated (Have a Bike and Tread, so it probably is a sign that maybe we shouldn't get a 3rd Peloton item). I just can't express how disappointing this was and how I really don't feel comfortable with having to deal with a delivery company that's very disingenuous with their engagement.

Anyone else have similar experiences with RXO (the delivery company) or any others with Peloton recently or can I just assume this was a singular exception to how Peloton typically delivers their products?

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Yours is not an isolated event. I am having the same issue.
Delivery was supposed to happen on 12/24. All confirmed and ready.
Got call on the 24th after the delivery window that they were having trouble with their trucks and couldn't get it started and would have to reschedule.
On the 26th I call Peloton since I was not able to get in contact with the shipper at all.
The Peloton delivery specialist, after about an hour on the phone stated they confirmed a delivery date of 12/27.
I take another day off work to be home for the delivery.
Then on the 27th I get an email stating it was rescheduled for the 31st.
I call Peloton and talk to another specialist. This time I am told there is nothing they can do and the date is the 31st with no record of the 27th date.
I then search my email and find the confirmation number and email and call back on the 28th.
This time I am told that they contacted the shipping company and they stated the reason for missing the 27th was due to not having the row machine in the warehouse.
Wait, they had it for the 24th delivery so where did it go? The specialist had no answer. So I am now back on hold trying to understand how they had it on the 24th, then didn't.

Seems like I am being lied to on every call and just being fed a bunch of excuses. The best part is when I talked to Erika on the 27th and asked to speak to a supervisor she stated she was the supervisor. I then asked to speak to her manager and she stated that her manager is just a person that handles administrative stuff and cant help me. I then ask to speak to that persons manager and she stated there was no one else in all of Peloton that would be able to help me in any way more than she has.

Peloton has a real issue here. We are locked into their closed eco system so new byers should be aware that once you are in and invested you have little recourse and Peloton has little at stake to keep you happy with the investment costs of the equipment. We have the Bike, the tread and trying to get the row but this is getting ridiculous.
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