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Peloton using over 1,000 songs without permission = $150mm lawsuit

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Did anyone read about the lawsuit announced today for $150 million in damages for using music of both audio and video format? I'm sort of surprised that Peloton didn't protect themselves against potential lawsuits but at the same time being currently valued at $4 billion might allow for losses like this. For all we know it was probably more profitable to take on this lawsuit than it was to sign a deal with publishers.
Its a common practice in many industries, some things like this are just the cost of doing business. Music can get people into their most motivated state, so its easy to see how that's the case here.
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Even if the financial end isn't much of a concern for them, losing the rights to use all that music is going to have an impact on the variety of their classes. Many of them are built specifically around certain genres.
Peloton is removing all classes featuring music that's been used without permission. They apparently have deals in place with other labels and publishers that will give them access to more songs which can replace what they've lost.
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