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Peloton vs Keiser M3i

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I hadn't heard of this bike before stumbling upon this article, but its looking like a decent alternative. It doesn't have the same kind of live interactive classes and content, but it features 24 levels of resistance and comes with a year warranty. Only issue is, its looking to be about the same price with some of the bundles that I've seen ($1,995)
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Nice option but I think Peloton is doing well at staying ahead by now setting up stuido's. Most people who have the money for these don't have the space and also desire a setting more motivating to workout. For me thats a massive win.
That's a lot of money to spend on a spin bike that looks a lot more low tech than the Peloton. At least its available in multiple colors and I've heard it comes with a free residential lifetime warranty.
Peloton also seems to be winning with marketing from the very start which will be hard to beat, even if they end up providing less value than some other spin bikes. Plus everything about the Peloton has been positive from install by their reps to rides 3-4 months into ownership.
So long as people are willing to invest this kind of money into equipment, we are going to see prices continue to climb. The success of the Peloton will lead to more 'copycat' products that attempt to reproduce the same formula. I've heard terrible things about the delivery/setup process.
I don't think its just a matter of prices rising but we'll also see more being offered in the form of "luxury" because once you pass the point of whats needed and get into all these other features its not longer JUST to say fit, its a lifestyle.
Each person will place value in different aspects of a machine, so you cant base everything purely on the upfront cost. The Keiser has incredible reviews based on build quality and it comes with an all inclusive 3 year warranty excluding wearable parts.
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