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I've had a peloton bike for a couple of years with no problems. I'm a bit over 1,400 rides. Recently bought a second bike for another location and it's been a total nightmare. The delivery folks know nothing about setting up the bikes. The first bike was defective. The seat height didn't hold so that slowly but surely during the ride I sank in the seat. Dozens of emails with Peloton Service were useless. They wanted me to video the problem. I told them that wasn't possible because the seat sank very slowly over time. Had to "elevate to leadership" to get them to replace the bike. Bike #2 was finally delivered and it was calibrated so poorly that I couldn't do a ride and get anywhere near the numbers the instructors were calling out. Thirty minute rides would be 100 less output than previously. Again, dozens of emails and phone calls and aggravation and escalation to leadership and finally they agreed to send out a tech. Another couple of weeks passed and many more emails and finally the tech came out. He got on the phone with Peloton and, long story short, they agreed that the bike had to be replaced. Weeks later, third bike was delivered. It too is a mess. Calibration is awful and now it makes a grinding noise at high tension. Screen wobbles. Bike wobbles. Screws do not close flush. More phone calls and emails. Sent audio and video of the grinding noise. Peloton refuses to send a tech out. They won't replace the bike. Their whole approach seems to be delay and lie, probably in order to cut warranty/maintenance costs. Laughably, they say they don't want to "waste my time" sending a tech out. I recall recently it became known that they got caught spray painting over rust on "new" bikes. I've found them to be completely untrustworthy, even as, all the while, they profess love and commitment to the "peloton community." Are others having this experience with the bike? With Peloton? I hate to do it, but I'm thinking of swapping the bike out for the bike+. I'd appreciate feedback as to whether there are similar problems with the bike+. (I understand it can be more easily recalibrated.). Help!
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