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Power Output

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I do 99% Sam Yo rides.
Today, I joined a ride where multiple riders started at the same time.
Right out of the gates I started at 1, but one rider had 6 almost immediately.
He jumped to 14 almost within 60seconds of riding, and was out of reach really quick,
Within minutes, he was double plus every rider in the group.
I know how the outputs work, resistance plus cadence,
but there is no way, this person was max'ed out way above the ride parameters.
And to start at 6 when the rest of us had 1's in the opening of the ride makes no sense to me.
Can anyone explain to me how that works ??
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There are some Peloton riders out there who are great athletes and can put up big numbers - including NFL, NBA and other pro Athletes like Usain Bolt. Some people also treat live rides like cycling time trials and warm up ahead of time and just try to put up max output the whole time. It's also known that bigger and heavier riders seem to have an advantage and unlike actual cycling, they aren't penalized by the wind for their size.

That said, another major factor is that there can be a pretty big variance in how bikes are calibrated - especially with the regular bike. This means that 50 resistance on one bike may be like 60 on another bike. The Bike+ re-calibrates itself so they seem to be more consistent (and harder) than many of the regular bikes.

Overall, I use the leaderboard to push myself but I don't stress out about the folks at the top of it.

Hope this helps!
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