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Power Zone Outputs

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Wondering if anyone can help me to understand this?

Yesterday I re-took my FTP test about 6 weeks after my previous attempt and having completed my first challenge with HMH in the intervening period.

I got a PB…. But my average output has gone down. Can anyone explain why that is? I thought if I went for a PB then a best average output would follow but my maths probably isn’t good enough to work this out. I got my bike+ back in Feb so apologies if this is a really daft question.

23/05/21 FTP test total output 204kj and avg output 179 watts.

05/07/21 FTP test total output 212kj and avg output 176 watts.
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I had the same issue. Down by one point after I did the 8 week pzp challenge. Was quite disappointing but ,as a member pointed out, I lost 13 pounds so power to weight went up. That could be a issue for you or burn out.
Thanks! A friend reported this to Peloton on my behalf as they couldn’t work out how it could be a PB but worse avg output. Turns out that it can’t be for the same duration ride- it’s a known bug by Peloton, the earlier avg output is wrong and the later one is right and there’s been a small performance improvement following the challenge
SLMspinner is a cheater. In April 2022 she had barely a 100 output on rides. As of July she is number one on leaderboards and it shows here riding at 100% resistance. Someone needs to protect the integrity of the leaderboard.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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