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Pre- & Post- Ride Stretching

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I've never been that flexible. When I was a youth I was quite athletic and competed in several sports but even though I followed various pre/post stretching routines I could never do was most folks could do. For example, I've never been able to touch my toes without bending my knees, never. Fast forward many years. Now I'm a much older guy who's lost a lot of ground and is trying to catch back up. I've got the Peloton bike. And I've ridden it every day since I got it (almost two weeks now). And I've been trying to add in the stretching routines. And here comes the question. I need help with doing some of the stretches. I can't do several of them. For example, the one where you grab your ankle with your leg behind your back. Can't do it. After repeated attempts, I was able to get one leg using the opposite arm, but my form was way off and I don't think I was getting the benefit. Are there some hacks I can use to make the exercise work until I become more limber? Perhaps a rope or a piece of cloth around the ankle that I can use to pull up the leg. Thoughts? Ideas of places to go for other exercises to use until I can loosen up enough to do the ones they have?
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Welcome! First of all it sounds like you're off to a great start with the Peloton. I'm not a trainer, but from what I know I would say yes, you have the right idea with modifying and "cheating" when you're not able to do a stretch as designed. Modifying can include using an exercise band or towel to help you or holding onto something vs. needing to balance yourself. This article seems to have some good tips Tips to PR? Definitely don't push yourself ot the point of pain and just keep at it and you will improve.

Another thing I would recommend is making sure to do cool down rides (preferably 10 minutes) after your hard rides to get your heart rate down a bit before you stretch. I would also only stretch after your workout when your warmed up vs. before when your body is cold.
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I would agree - make your modifications, stretch after your workouts and stick with it. It takes time but it will get better! You're doing awesome so far!
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