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Congratulations on buying your bike! Below is my list of recommended accessories in roughly prioritized order. If you purchased one of the packages from Peloton, you will already have some of these. A lot of the Peloton accessories are good (with the exception of the headphones and heart rate monitor) but there are cheaper alternatives out there with similar quality.
  • Bike shoes: You’ll definitely want bike shoes that clip into the pedals and that means the cleats in the shoe and pedals need to be the same format. The Peloton shoes are good and come with cleats which clip into the pedals. They use a format called Delta Look. If you have bike shoes already you can buy your own pedals and change them. Shimano SPD pedals and cleats are what I use. If you plan to have others use the bike who won’t have shoes, I would recommend dual platform pedals which means one side will be flat. Some of these come with toe cages to keep sneakers on the pedals.
  • Bike mat: A bike mat protects your flooring from frequent sweat and is easy to clean. If you will have your bike on carpet you’ll definitely want one. You can buy the Peloton version for $59 or choose from cheaper options like this.
  • Bike shorts or leggings: If you’re not a cyclist, your butt will hurt when you start riding the bike. You should definitely invest in some padded bike shorts or leggings which will make a world of difference. I recommend going with road cycling shorts vs. mountain biking shorts as they are less bulky and will keep you cooler. Look at brands like Pearl Izumi, Specialized or Louis Garneau. Local bike shops or places like REI are good sources so you can feel them and try them on. You can buy cheaper options but they may be less comfortable and not last as long. Some people purchase padded gel seat covers but I would recommend just dealing with the discomfort as it usually goes away in a week or two.
  • Cycling water bottles: there are two bottle holders on the bike. You can use the Peloton or any cycling water bottle from any bike shop. I personally like the Camelbak Big Chill as it holds 25 ounces and keeps your drink cold.
  • Remote control fan: You will get very hot when you spin as unlike outdoor cycling there is no wind! I like this remote control fan because I don’t like the fan on while I warm up and I can adjust the speeds during the workout without getting off the bike.
  • Wireless headphones: The speakers that come with the bike are pretty weak so you’ll want headphones and/or speakers. If you’ll need to ride quietly so as not to disturb others at times, you’ll want Bluetooth headphones. Headphones are also good for classes with explicit music if you have kids in the house. My preference is on ear headphones like these as they reduce environmental noise so you just hear the class and instructor. Make sure they’re not too big as your ears will get hot and sweaty. Others prefer earbuds.
  • Bluetooth speakers: If your bike is in an area where you can crank up the music, any Bluetooth speakers can be paired with the bike and work great.
  • Wipes: I use sports wipes to clean off the bike seat, frame and handle bars after each workout.
  • Towels: I prefer regular to use regular hand towels which are sweat absorbent and provide some padding for my hands on the bars.
  • Heart rate monitor: A heart rate monitor will give you accurate calories burned and allow you to see your HR on the bike and do heart rate training. The bike can be paired with any ANT+ format heart rate monitor. My favorite is the Scosche Rhythm+ which is often on sale or coupon codes can be found online. Note – the Apple Watch can be used with the Peloton app on a mobile phone but can’t be paired with the bike as it uses Bluetooth not ANT+.
  • Weights for the bike: There are many Peloton bike workouts which include arms and/or shoulders for which you’ll need 1, 2 or 3 pound weights. They can be stored behind the seat. I use three pound weights for these workouts which is fine. They’re inexpensive on Amazon.
  • Shelf or Peloton wall box: I have a tall shelf next to the bike where I keep towels, HR monitors and charger, headphones and charger, fan remote control, extra weights and bike shoes. It’s important to have things like the remote reachable without having to get off the bike. Some people have purchased or built their own wall boxes which serve the same purpose.
  • Workout/Yoga mat: I recommend post-ride stretching for everyone and a Yoga mat can be good for this. Of course, if you do Yoga this is a must have.
  • If you plan to do Yoga:
    • Yoga blocks
    • Yoga strap
  • Device to stream the Peloton app: The Peloton has a lot of great content which comes with your subscription so you should take advantage of it. Most of it (stretching, meditation, boot camp, yoga, etc.) works much better when shown on a screen other than the one on a bike. To play content on a TV there is an app on Amazon fire devices and you can cast to an Apple TV from an iphone/ipad/mac via Airplay or to a chromecast device or cast enabled TV from an android phone, tablet or laptop. It's possible to cast to Roku players and TVs from the bike screen or from certain devices but it's a bit more challenging. Hopefully this will get simpler as Roku is my preferred streaming platform.
  • Foam roller: Good for rolling muscles – especially legs. Most people get pretty sore when they start riding Peloton as it is a pretty intense workout and foam rolling helps.
  • Weights for boot camp: If you plan to do bootcamp, you’ll want some heavier weights than those on the bike.
Let me know if you have experience with these or have other favorites

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I just got the fan and love it. The remote control is a savior. I also really like the wipex wipes. Thanks for the list!

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your list is amazing. but I recently bought peloton bose wireless earbuds from amazon best
  • Comes with great sound quality
  • Offers affordable price
  • Water-resistant and sweatproof design
  • Also, have USB charging cable and case
  • 4 different colors to choose from
you all should try this 100% recommended from my side.
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