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Removing Apple connectivity message

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I received my Bike+ today and after a quick use, I discovered an annoying logo that offers to connect an Apple watch at the top center of the screen that does not seem to disappear (it even covers the time bar at the top for classes). The problem is that I don't have an Apple Watch but I would imagine that there is a way to get it out from the screen. For instance, I can remove metrics on a ride at the bottom of the screen.
I contacted customer service and they claim that it is the way it is. Is there really no other option?

Please let me know. Thanks

PS: The issue is that I was holding on activating the bike and my account and I was just using the free ride and sample classes to see if the bike was working properly. After activating the bike, the Apple Watch pairing box disappears immediately after I start an exercise.
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Great - thank you for sharing that Happi!
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