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My bike is about 3 years old and out of warranty. I had an issue with my cadence and had a technician come out and replace the sensor. Long story short - this led to my resistance being off- very off. A calibration kit was sent and I calibrated the bike myself (not sure if I did it properly) called back customer service to say the resistance was still off. (It is showing fine on the screen, but example is it feels like 30 when it’s actualy 60 on the screen)
This “manager”Peloton rep said the ONLY solution to my problem is to buy a $400 monitor (also said no guaranteed refund if the monitor is not the actual solution to this resistance problem). I asked to speak to someone else and she said she was the point of contact. I feel like this is very wrong information as my resistance is reading but seems like the magnets almost aren’t getting close enough to the wheel? Anyone have experience with this problem and get a new monitor to fix it?
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