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Resistance showing 0%. All other metrics working.

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Hi all first time to the forum. I was gifted an original peloton bike that im trying to get working. I've been all through the cable connections, but I cant get the resistance to show up on the screen. The cadence and power are working just fine, but the resistnace remains at 0%. The actual resistance is working just not the readout. I have not paid for a subscription yet. Right now im just doing free rides till I can get it working. Is there anything I can do besides replace the sensor? From what I can tell the resistance is determined by how close that magnet gets to the sensor.

I am 3d printing the calibration tools right now, but not sure thats going to make a difference.

This bike has been quite the project so far. It came to me with a non working busted screen. I was able to take it apart and get the LCD working. The touch is no longer, but I have a mouse hooked up to it that works for now till i can find a decently priced replacement.
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