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Screen Glare From Peleton Monitor

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I have just brought my Peleton which is lovely to work out on
Its in my conservatory which is really light but the screen is so reflective in daylight with sunshine it cannot be used
We have just put a reflective insulating cover on the conservatory roof to shield further which seems to work
Peleton provided no help whatsoever and just suggested the reflective insulating on the roof but nothing else
The screen is not anti glare and it needs to be
Any suggestions which work would be very welcome
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I haven't tried this myself but companies like 3M make anti-glare screen film for tablets and since the Peloton monitor is just a big tablet I would think this could help? May be worth a shot. Anti-Glare Filters for Tablets | 3M United States
If you don't want to stick something on your screen you could try to find a removable "frame" that would fit over your bike. I have a removable privacy screen cover that I use on my laptop while traveling. That way you could see if you'd have any issues pressing on the screen without committing to it.

Another option depending on your setup would be to cast the bike screen to a TV screen in the room. I've seen people do this with their set up and it can be nice to see the class on a bigger screen and you could possibly put it somewhere where glare wouldn't be as bad - or maybe put a shade over the TV.

I agree this is a pain for a lot of people.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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