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Setting Up Account on new bike

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I don't see any information on how to set up our accounts on the tablet/monitor. Our bike is coming tomorrow. When we turn it on will there be instructions that will guide us on what to do? Because of Covid, we won't get any help from the person who delivers the bike (which I understand). They will leave it by the front door with the tablet on the handlebars if we request that.

Thank you.
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In my case I started with the Peloton app and then bought the bike so I already had an account which I converted. I believe you can just create your account on the tablet when you set up. There should be an activation code on the materials that come with your bike. Here's a video that may help a bit. Let us know how it goes! Setting Up Account on new bike
I had an installer set it up but I seem to recall they had an activation code and entered that for me. I expect you'll do the same. You may also want to watch the 101 videos on the tablet on the bike once you get activated.

They cover the basics like clipping in, adjusting the bike to fit you, etc. To get to them click on the three dots on the lower right of the screen and you'll see Peloton 101 as an option.

Good luck!
I have been using the app for about a year or more. just got a bike and it is asking for n activation code. my husband bought me the bike and can't seem to recall getting any code. I was hoping to log into my account and take it from there. Please let me know what to do.
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