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Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

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Does anyone have any shoe recommendations for those with plantar fasciitis? I'm extremely interested in buying this bike but want to make sure that it doesn't exacerbate my condition and that I choose the right shoe. Any suggestions/feedback is greatly appreciated.
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I would ask your podiatrist if you have one. Here is an article I found

I'm not a Dr. but here are a few specific suggestions:
-Don't just order the shoes that come with the bike. Find a local bike shop where they know what they're doing and get shoes that fit you perfectly. I would get mountain bike shoes.
-You may want to also try some inserts. I use Specialized Footbeds which are fitted for my feet. They seem to make the shoes more comfortable.
-When you get the bike, pay a lot of attention to making sure you set up the bike correctly e.g. seat height and position, handlebar height, etc.
-If you find doing something on the bike bothers your feet like standing and pedaling fast, modify your workouts.

Good luck!
The most important thing is to get shoes that fit you very well and are comfortable.
Orthopedic shoes with heel spur help to properly distribute the load on the foot, unloading the heel area as much as possible and protecting it from additional injuries. Insoles in shoes should have a thickened lower part of the foot to absorb well and thereby reduce pressure in the heel area, reducing pain. The arch supports the arches from below, unloading the feet and removing the excessive load from the fascia, which prevents possible injury with flat feet or increased load. I am very comfortable with the adidas supreme classic, but picking up shoes, in this case, is not ideal. So consider my recommendations.
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