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Hey all, so I am hoping someone here can help me. Back in December I noticed the back left side of my left foot was numb, after seeing the doctor, a podiatrists, and a neurologist we came to the conclusion is the Peleton shoes. I am now having tingling in the toes of my right foot so I am trying to find new shoes. My feet are wide and with being pushed forward during riding it’s causing issues. I need a sneaker type shoe but they all seem to be 2 bolt. Can anyone suggest a wide bike shoe or a way to convert 2 bolt to the 3 bolt? I don’t want to stop riding.....
You should try the bike pedal that peloton has so you can wear your own shoes. It works for me when I need it.

these have been very comfortable for my wide feet. You’ll need to get the look cleats for them.
I got them at a few years ago.
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