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I am new to Peloton so maybe this was discussed before. My question is, "How to set up my Peloton's Output / Cadence / Resistance to mimic an out door bike ride?" I am starting to train for a 50 mile race in August and would ideally have some consistency on how I set Peloton so it will be similar to a road ride. The course is in Ohio so it will be relatively flat terrain.


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Hi. Congrats on getting your bike! I've done some long outdoor bike rides myself including a few centuries.

There aren't really different ways to set your bike up in terms of output, etc. it's more about which classes you choose.

If you're looking for a structured program on Peloton I would start with the Power Zone training programs and once you get into it start doing some of the longer ones - 60 or 90 minutes. You'll want to get used to having your heart rate up and maintaining some level of output for long periods of time.

If you haven't done long rides before you'll definitely want to build up the amount of time in the saddle on the bike you're going to use. An outdoor bike, especially a road bike has you sitting on a small hard seat and hunched over so you're body needs to get used to being in that position for hours at a time.

Here's a blog post I saw about someone who used PZ to train for an outdoor ride.

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