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Size of screws to attach monitor Bike Plus?

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Does anyone know the size and type of screws needed to attach the monitor to the bike please? Mine arrived today without the screws and I want to just go out and buy some today instead of waiting for Peloton customer service

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I bought a round head, M6 x 12mm for an Allen key fitting and they worked perfectly.

I also bought M5 x 12mm but think these were too thin.
Might want to buy both to make sure like I did
Thanks for sharing - bike arrived Thursday with no screws/bolts to attached screen. When I spoke with Peloton they said ‘oh you don’t need them it won’t fall off’. Erm did.

will get own screws today.
Hi, did the screws work ?
Thank you - screws arrived today and have worked
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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