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Suggestion for an app or method to automatically add my workouts to my Google calendar or similar?

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I thought I'd done a long ride yesterday, but when I got on my bike, it was 3 days ago!
I'd like the record of my workouts to appear on my Google Calendar, since I check that daily.
Ideal would be the details (length, distance, etc.) but at a minimum, simply that I rode on that day.

Alternatively, something that could run on my windows PC, that would show the date of my last workout.
Or a count up clock ("It's been 60 hours since your last ride!")

I have to imagine that there are a number of options by now...

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I don't know of a way to add workouts to a google calendar with your stats. You are able to add future rides to your calendar when you click "Count me in" but that's different.

What I use is Strava which accomplishes what you're talking about - tracks all your stats - miles, calories, workouts, etc. and it's easy to see trends. The basic strava account is free and you can link your Peloton account to your Strava account so the workouts are loaded automatically.

Another thing that's great about strava is that it will track your non-Peloton workouts as well so my mountain bike rides and road rides are also recorded as part of my overall stats.

Strava is a social network so you can add friends if you want them to see your workouts and see their workouts but that's really optional.

If you don't want to use strava and you're only interested in your Peloton activities, one thing you can do is go to your peloton profile, click on Workouts and click "download workouts." This will allow you to download them in a spreadsheet with date, time, duration, miles, etc. so you can analyze them that way.

Hope this helps!

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I second Strava. Works great in combination with Peloton.
Just FYI - Peloton also syncs with Fitbit in addition so Strava so that's another option
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