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Susan B success story

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Until we get some users on here with their own success stories, I think we start to post up some of the ones found online. Came across this one of a woman named Susan B who managed to lose 33 pounds and dropped from a size 10 to a size 2.
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Found another one about Derek F. Its a pretty inspiring story as he managed to beat cancer, but also received heard damage as a result of the chemo. He was lucky enough to find a donor and now strives to be the most healthy version of himself as possible.
Some great feedback and results up on Reddit too. Plenty of people who have dropped lots of weight in just a new months time. What I find interesting is a lot of them havent seen to make many adjustments to their diet either.
Diet seems to be the more difficult habit to break for most people, especially when it comes to snacking over the course of a day. As a general rule of thumb weight loss is generally 75% diet and 25% exercise.
The biggest mistake people make with reading these reviews is they don't account for where that person started when they got the Peloton. Lots of details are left out leaving many with the wrong idea of what's possible for them.
A lot of people are turning to cycling because you can take a much more gradual approach to the difficulty of your routines. There are classes designed specifically around beginners, so you wont have to worry about over extending yourself.
Problem is people look at individuals at an athletic level and believe that can be achieved, meanwhile cycling is probably a very small part of it, instead its just a convenient way to burn off excessive calories. When trimming on a strict routine, cycling or intensive cardio goes a long way.
A given persons metabolism comes into play as well, and there will be varying levels of results based purely on your genetics. Dropping weight is one thing, but building muscle mass and definition is something else entirely.
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