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Terrible Customer Service!!!

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Great bike but very disappointing customer service!

Successfully referred the bike to many but only claimed one $100 award.
Didn't know (my bad) it would expire & it did a week after getting back to town, & my life, after dealing with a family covid death. The pandemic has affected us all including my GF, a nurse who deals with this pandemic daily.

So I thought the billion dollar company would be a bit understanding & renew the measly $100 towards the overpriced merch but we were shut down at every corner told that "we are unable to do this!"

Bike & kit - $2600.+
Monthly subscription - $42.+
Year to date cost - $3270.+
Successful bike referrals - 4
Company WON'T reinstate $100 - PRICELESS!!! SHAMEFUL!!!
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That stinks! I don't get why they make the referral credits expire so quickly.
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