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This is ridiculous. Needing a 50cent magnet!

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On the regular bike there is a little 1/2 by 1/8 inch (approximately) on top of the orange (red?) resistance assembly. This magnet is what the resistance sensor senses. It’s hot glued on. I’ve red stories of them falling off as well as being on upside down from the factory. I’ve been trying to locate a replacement
After spending a great deal of time with product support talking with someone who has no concept of how the product works, I sent a picture. I was told I’d need a frame replacement for $975!
Considering this magnet is not attached to the frame at all I just became disgusted with their product support.
I’m curious if anyone else has been able to procure this magnet? Or, has anyone ever seen a parts breakdown of the bike with part #s?
Will probably just try generic magnets until I find one that works.
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