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Hi all!

Looking to save some head and heartache here. This fix will help solve the case when your Peloton's touchscreen is unresponsive but still turns on.

My girlfriend ran into the same issue with her Peloton (pltn-rb1vq) having an unresponsive touchscreen (though the screen would still turn on) after running an update. We tried all the tricks listed like factory reset (ran into the "Peloton - Android No Command" issue) and various power cycle tricks, but no luck. 😞 So we thought we were going to have to go through Peloton and buy a replacement screen for $400.

I then realized that the Peloton screen is nothing more than a fancy Android tablet. Android tablets can use a mouse and keyboard!

So I purchased the following from Amazon:
  1. UGREEN Micro USB to USB Micro USB 2.0 OTG Cable ($8)
  2. Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Living-room Keyboard with Touchpad ($25)

Testing proved that this works!! By plugging the Logitech keyboard/mouse combo into the micro-USB port on the back of the touchscreen using the adaptor cable, you can use the keyboard/mouse combo instead of the touchscreen:

~$35 is better than $400, so I call this a win. 🥳

You will just need to get used to using the keyboard/mouse instead of pressing the touchscreen in front of you.

Hope this helps!
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