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Tread Touchscreen Power Button Issue - Stuck in bootloop

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Hey all,

After the most recent update, my Tread thinks I am constantly pushing the power button. It keeps asking "are you sure you want to power off?" When it boots, it will cycle between the logo and a blank screen unless I press the volume down, then it will boot. Volume up + power does nothing - it does not boot to recovery mode.

I connected my laptop to it yesterday to attempt using ADB but rebooting to recovery only briefly flashes a screen that says something about fastboot, then goes to normal booting.

There is no physical damage to the power button that I can appreciate. I don't really want to take it apart only to find a physically normal switch... and while I probably could replace the physical switch (which I am guessing is surface mount), this all happened after a software/firmware update which is much more suspicious than random hardware failure.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance
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