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Basically all my live classes are streaming in a fairly crisp 1080p, but every single encore class (whether it be US or EU) is streaming at a very low bitrate 480p at best. Think circa 2009 youtube, or early netflix when their compression was especially awful.

Wifi test well exceeds requirements and I tested a wired connection just to be sure. Yet even if my connection were the issue, I don't see why Live classes would be fine whilst "encore" would be consistently choppy and hideous.
I can only really conclude that Peloton must have started streaming their encore/scenic content from inadeqaute servers somewhere in southeast asia for their Australian customers, which is a common practice lately. The change must have occured some time in the past 6-9 months since there were no such issues when Peloton first launched in Australia. I'd love to be proven wrong since their service has been otherwise excellent, but this issue has left me pretty disillusioned with the platform.

I'd simply stick with live classes, but given our time zone differences and no dedicated Asia/Pacific Bike trainers/studio, we're lucky to get one or two live classes at a reasonable hour per week. So I'd have thought the streaming quality of encore classes would've been something of a priority for our market.
Speaking of questionable decision making, why on earth did they open their flagship indoor biking boutique in Bondi, Sydney? It's one of the most sunny, picturesque outdoor biking locations on earth. Meanwhile the yearlong winter wonderland that is Melbourne still only has a tiny stall at Chadstone shopping centre?

Back to the issue at hand though, is there some final last ditch bike setting/trick that's eluding me or is this ultimately just a cost saving measure that Peloton AU users will have to live with?
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