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Very very slight wobble

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Is it normal to have a very slight wobble when riding the bike? All the supports are tight against the pad/floor. I think it’s just natural, but wanted to ask. Thank you.
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Our handlebars have quite bit of wobble. It turned out the bolts holding them on were all loose. We discovered it while trying to adjust the handlebars. That turned out to be more difficult than expected and it's hat lead me to this forum.
My Bike+ wobbles a little when riding at high cadence (like 100-120). Mostly the screen.
Bad screen wobble, seat keeps dropping - frame and seat riser obviously flex. Poor design in many ways compared to the original Bike which I have.

Already had the handlebar and seat sleeves replaced. No difference.

I have a new replacement frame scheduled for early May, so let's see. If n improvement, I'm returning the Bike +
Am I expecting too much by wanting a wobbless ride? It’s very slight but I don’t like it....although I could tolerate it, reluctantly .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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