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I have the Bike+ and I love classes and programs but I also am an avid podcast listener/watcher. Weekly I watch/listen to anywhere from 4-8 hours of podcasts. I use the PocketCasts App on my iphone/ipad, and I listen to between 4-8 hours on audiobooks every week, but I can't seem to figure out how to cast\play my podcasts (video/audio) or my audio books on the Bike+ screen in say a scenic ride.

Surely I'm missing something easy here? I love the classes and my membership, but sometimes I just want to ride and listen to a podcast/book.

So is it possible? I've tried using the browser on the bike and it's super challenging to use my login and password each time I want to listen to a stream.

If there's no way on the screen to do it, is there a good way to cast from my iphone, or if not that how about a iphone holder that physically holds\clips the iphone at say the top of the Bike+'s screen?

Thanks for the help!
I'm new to the forum and want to know if you ever received an answer to your question? I'm also interested in casting my Note 8 to the Bike monitor and I'm completely new to the world of Peloton with a pre-owned Gen3 bike.
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