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I have a second hand of a second hand tread that is having incline issues. it was originally purchased 8 months ago, the guy before me pourchased it 6 months ago, and then I purchased it last month. I was told by peloton if i call with the serial number i could add on the peloton protection policy and there wouldnt be an issue. Well i called back and now they have no way to do this without the actual order number which I dont have, and the guy that sold it to me doesnt have. This is the weird part i guess, sales told me SNs are not linked to order numbers at all. they just confirm when the bike was purchased. apparently they just tell them when they were manufactured... does anyone by chance want to share there order number of a tread with me that was in the last year to see if i can purchased exstended protection through that? this seems like a glaring hole in pelotons device deployment but now im wondering if i can take advantage of it.

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