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Hey guys, I want to get a device for my TV to do the Boot Camp classes. I currently have an AppleTV and a FireTV but neither support Miracast function to stream my videos from the Bike to my TV.

Does anyone have any recommendations for what devices work? My Samsung Frame TV works but I wanted just a plug in for my FireTV. I heard some Amazon FireTV Sticks work?

Thanks in advance

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Hi. Do you need to cast from the bike? You can do workouts directly from inside the streaming apps on Apple TV, Roku, FireTV, etc as one option. You can also do them from your phone or tablet and use AirPlay to show them on your Apple TV. If you play it from the mobile app and you have an Apple Watch you will also get the benefit that it will track your HR during the workout. You should be able to cast to Roku or FireTV as well if you really want to do it from the bike screen. Here's a video on that.
Does tha thelp?
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