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Hey all,
After some time off racing last year, I’ve been thinking about my relationship with riding and training. Racing has been fun for the past 15 years…but I’m a bit done with the absolute focus it requires and I want to get back to riding for fun.
To that end, I want to buy a gravel bike for next spring. Living in Utah, there are a HUGE variety of options to combine road and trail riding into single epic adventures (plus, cars suck).
I have absolutely ZERO experience with gravel bikes and I need help deciding on a good entry point.
My team rides Scott/BMC, so I’d prefer to stick to one of those brands (cheaper), but I’m not set on that.
What is a good price point for gravel bikes? I might do some races, but it would mostly be for fun. I want to find a good balance of performance without breaking the bank. I don’t want to lug a 50 pound chonker up the mountains, but I surely don’t need to spend 10K on the top-end. What have you all found is a good price point? Since I don’t know the equipment and specifics, I can’t really use my general knowledge without doubting myself
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