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Whats your flow/routine? Recs appreciated

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Impatiently awaiting my bike to come in. I am hopeful I will love this bike--I am always racing against the clock in the day and hoping I can do away with the gym for a few days in the week and just go hard on peloton.

Can anyone tell me what their routine is--aka what time do you ride, how long, who are your favorite trainers?

I want to incorporate a good protein shake/powder--something I have always been terrible at bc I couldn't find a powder that I could stand to swallow.

Let me know your recommendations and what your flow looks like! Thanks :)
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I am an early bird and live to work out in the morning just after I get up and before breakfast. Usually I work out 30 - 60 mins, rotating bike rides, cardio workouts, bootcamps and strength classes (plus stretching) throughout the week. If you'll love your Peloton half as much as I do, you are in for a treat :)
Congrats on your purchase!
Good advice by @Peloton Guru .
@Keenkick43 I don't necessarrily have preferences for coaches. There are a couple that aren't my favorites, but otherwise I use a lot of different ones. I do use protein in my breakfast after workout, mostly in powder form added to a smoothie.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts