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Whats your flow/routine? Recs appreciated

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Impatiently awaiting my bike to come in. I am hopeful I will love this bike--I am always racing against the clock in the day and hoping I can do away with the gym for a few days in the week and just go hard on peloton.

Can anyone tell me what their routine is--aka what time do you ride, how long, who are your favorite trainers?

I want to incorporate a good protein shake/powder--something I have always been terrible at bc I couldn't find a powder that I could stand to swallow.

Let me know your recommendations and what your flow looks like! Thanks :)
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I am an early bird and live to work out in the morning just after I get up and before breakfast. Usually I work out 30 - 60 mins, rotating bike rides, cardio workouts, bootcamps and strength classes (plus stretching) throughout the week. If you'll love your Peloton half as much as I do, you are in for a treat :)
Congrats on your purchase!
Thanks! I just found my love for cycling recently. I had such a hate hate relationship w treadmill but needed to keep up cardio. I started cycling and felt so pumped throughout my entire ride and after, unlike running.

any particular trainers you love?

Do you use any protein or shakes for your pre or post workouts?
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