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Who are your favorite Peloton instructors?

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Just got the bike and am super excited! What can you tell me about the different instructors? Who are your favorites?
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Congrats on the bike!

My favorites right now are:

1) Alex Toussaint - I probably do 75% of my rides with him
2) Emma Lovewell
3) Robin Arzon
4) Ally Love
5) Olivia Amato

They are all good but they're different in terms of the music they play. The types of rides they do, how much they talk, etc. I would recommend doing the intro to peloton series of classes on the bike to try out the different instructors and see who you like the best.
Thanks! So far I like Emma and Ally. Need to try some others.
Tunde Oyeneyin! Love her rides in general. The arms portions of her rides are especially good.
I like them all but really depends on the mood. If I want something a little more serious and training wise I go Matt Wilpers or Christine D’Ercole. Stupid and fun? Cody or Jess King. Motivational? Ally Love.

I’m from the UK so Hannah Frankston gets my vote.

Is it just me or does Alex Toussaint pedal at 120 cadence the whole time lol
My wife and I love riding with Leanne Hainsby. Infectious personality, challenging rides, and we love her non-explicit playlists!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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