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Wi-Fi card on bike won’t work

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Wi-Fi card broken. Won’t connect to the internet. Who will fix that? Peloton wants to charge 700 and replace screen when nothing is wrong with screen.
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Yeah, it is kind of a giant iPad but a heck of a lot more proprietary so probably no way to fix it outside of them exchanging the screen. Having said that, be VERY careful with Peloton support. They usually default to 'replacing' things as opposed to completely draining troubleshooting options. Make sure you research around as there may be WiFi issues on your WiFi setup, not your Peloton. Good luck. I noticed there is a network cable input on the back of the monitor. If you have a wifi router close by you can get a long cable from it to the router as a workaround - annoying but better than no network connectivity.
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